Troubleshooting & Risk Mitigations FAQ

1. What if you send me something, and I don’t like the way it looks?

All of our projects are divided into multiple steps, usually devoted to shapes, colors, movement (if any), and putting it all together. You will have a chance to see your project as it develops and request corrections or adjustments as these steps progress. After a certain number, these adjustment requests require additional costs, but they are possible nonetheless.

2. My work requires precise dimensions or timing. Can you do that?

In most cases, we can specify exact dimensions and timing in our 3D modeling and animation software. Certain “chaotic” things that are simulated (like fire, liquids, gasses, explosions, etc.) can be restricted to specific parameters, general shapes and colors, but cannot be created with absolute precision “to the flame” or “to the drop”.

3. I am in a time crunch. How quickly can you finish my project?

Two things usually delay production more than anything else: client-requested changes or incomplete information. The more successfully these two things can be managed, the shorter our production time. Certain projects can also be rushed for an additional rush fee.

4. I need to reach someone after hours.

All of our clients have access to contact information that is checked after hours and their messages are returned.

5. I need to have you make changes to the work that you have virtually completed. Is it too late?

The way we produce our work allows us to go back and make revisions to the work that was already created and finalized. Going back like this usually requires additional production time, and always requires additional costs.

6. We successfully completed an animation six or nine months ago, but I need to come back to it and make changes.

This is generally not a problem. We retain work files in cloud storage and can come back to them later. Post-completion revisions are estimated and billed as new projects.

7. I’ve completed my project with you, but now want to edit it on my own, or with another studio.

Our deliverables to you are the graphical work itself – usually, images, animations, or software – but not the work files or “source files” behind it. Those work files are available for purchase for 25-50% of your total project price, depending on your terms. Also please bear in mind, that while we provide you with complete work files upon payment, we don’t provide additional support for them, including training the other studio on how to use them or how to use the software, and we provide those files “as-is”.

8. I placed an order and we have partially completed the work, but I changed my mind. How do I get out of the agreement?

Our agreements have a cancellation fee of 50% of the remaining unpaid project balance. This fee ends the contract, which otherwise accrues late fees and, if sufficiently delayed, other fees.