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Explain your product or process in 120 seconds using 3D animation

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Your prospects can’t buy what they don’t understand

Understanding your products has to be easy. If your stacks of data sheets, photos, video clips and PowerPoint decks take prospects longer than a couple of minutes to go through and truly understand, you are losing their attention and some of their orders. Combine all of that data into one animated video presentation and show the impossible shots like cutaways, microscopic and molecular levels, air movement, energy, temperature, speed, density and everything else that no other medium can truly present.

Data Sheets

Your data sheets carry critical product information but nothing about how it really works or even what it looks like.


Professionally staged studio photography looks like 3D renderings and showcases your product (minus cutaways and color- and feature options) but takes time and expense to do correctly. Best for smaller products.


Initially released back in 1990 and upgraded over the years. Still good for presentations, but needs photos, video and data sheets for peak performance.


Shows what your product looks like and how it works, but severely constrained by line of sight, inability to show the impossible shot (cutaways, transparency, molecular or microscopic, and the like) and the need for studio setup to make professional videos.

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Applications for Animated Video Presentations

Use animated video presentations in these four domains to win more business.

Trade show

Your animated video presentation is your constantly-running sales pitch. Run it at your trade show booth on repeat. Attendees self-select and come up to your booth as warmed up leads, ready to talk about what they saw.


Prospects come here to learn about what you can do for them. They will need to understand in order to buy, and to be convinced that you can do a superior job among alternatives.

Social media

Social media is flooded with stock photography and lookalike video. Animated video presentations are very rare compared to other content and will stand out until they become the norm.

Sales Team

Better to explain to us once than explaining to prospects a thousand times over. Ready to provide you with everything you need, on a budget.

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Meet Our CEO – Ari Zahavi, J.D.

A career in technical and industrial advertising since 2013.

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Process, Safeguards and Guarantees

We developed a four-step production process based on more than one thousand technical and industrial animations that we made since 2013.


What is your business goal for this animated video presentation? What is your product or process? Who is the audience? What is their state of mind? What reference materials are available (CAD, photos, videos, drawings)?

Script and Storyboard

We will synthesize everything we receive from you in a written script and storyboard. This step usually has two or three iterations based on your feedback and our suggestions.


We will turn the final Script and Storyboard into an animation draft. This step usually has two or three iterations based on your feedback and our suggestions.

Final Presentation

This is it! The final-quality product, usually made in 4K resolution and 60 frames per second for smoother movement (double the industry standard!), complete with professionally-recorded voiceover and animated infographics.


A robust Discovery step ensures we have everything we need to understand your product, market and goals for the animation.

A production process that’s flexible but keeps the project on track at the same time, protecting against indecision, scope creep and other delays.

Secure cloud storage for your files ensuring their availability if you need to make modifications in the future.


Production experience of approximately one thousand animations.

Sufficient computer hardware and software to design and produce your animation.

File backups including encrypted cloud storage to protect your data.

Availability of key personnel to work with you at every step of the way.

Post-delivery support if you need changes made to your animations or need additional derivative images or animations created.

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About California Technical Media

We are a Los Angeles, California studio that specializes in technical, medical and industrial 3D animated video presentations. We know that clients need to understand your product in order to buy or invest, and we help them understand through the best medium available: 3D animation. Our animations let you show your product, then use x-ray vision to look at the components and processes inside. We can show the impossible shot, things invisible to a regular camera: transparency, cutaways, microscopic and macroscopic objects, temperatures, load and heat distribution, air and gas currents, pressure, design features and so, so much more.

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UV Air Cleaning

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Portable COVID-19 UV Disinfection System

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Screen Mounting System for TVs and Monitors

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Pet Odor Removal System

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We've completed over one thousand 3D animated video presentations for hundreds of companies nationwide and some overseas.

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